Wedding Lighting Ideas that Are Nothing Short of Magical

The Wedding Haus Team

Posted on December 06 2017

When we consider the best ways to make a wedding special, lighting always comes to mind.  It's an essential piece of your wedding decor and there are so many wonderful ways to create a night that's nothing short of magical for everyone.

Wedding Lighting for Your Special Day Creates a Stunning Environment from The Wedding Haus

Looking for lighting for your special day?  Here are some great options we've found.

We love these globe string lights, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
If you're theme is starry nights, celestial or something similar, these remote-controlled star lights are perfect!
These icicle string lights come in white, war white and multi-color.  They make a perfect accent alone or behind tule on a wall or around a table as skirting.
These fairy globe lights are both solar powered and waterproof making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use with no extra worry about the weather.
This LOVE marquee sign makes a perfect addition to the bridal party table or on the gift table.  It's battery operated making it easy to place anywhere.
Make sure your guests can find the bar!  This one is also battery operated making it easy to place anywhere.
This speckled gold votive candle holder makes a great addition to your reception tables.
If you decide to go the candle route, we highly recommend using battery operated for both safety and long term glow.  No need to worry about flames going out.

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