Wedding Tip - Selecting the Perfect Universal Wine Glass

The Wedding Haus Team

Posted on November 14 2017

Wedding Tip for Selecting Wine Glasses from The Wedding Haus

If you're registering for wine glasses, make sure to add universal options first. ~ The Wedding Haus

The sheer number of options available when it comes to wine glasses can be quite overwhelming.  It almost seems like every type of wine has it's very own glass.  Additionally, both the cost and the space to store can be a challenge for many.  Even if you are a wine connousseur and want to build a beautiful collection of glasses, you'll also want to make sure you include a universal option.

While most experts out there say the need for different types of wine glasses is largely a marketing gimmick and not really based on science, they do all agree on this: 

A quality wine glass should be clear, making it easy to assess the wine's clarity and color.  The bowl of the glass should be narrower at the top than it is on the base along with a thin rim.  A nice base around the width of the widest part of the bowl will help with sturdiness and minimize the chance of spilling.  There's nothing worse than seeing your favorite wine on someone's shirt instead of being savored by their palate.

To recap, for your universal option, select a glass that is:
  • clear glass
  • more narrow on the lip than the base of the bowl
  • has a nice stem that's easy to hold
  • has a sturdy base

If you are in the market for a great univeral wine glass, this Orrefors More Wine Glass Set is the perfect addition to your collection. While the look is quite elegant, these glasses are also quite sturdy and very nice to hold.  It will quickly become a favorite with you and your guests.


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